Severe Weather Preparedness

Severe weather can happen at any time and in any part of the country. In Alabama, we are no stranger to this kind of weather, especially tornadoes. It is important to be prepared for these weather events and to have a plan for your family to stay safe. If you don’t have a severe weather plan, now is a good time to make one.

Children’s of Alabama experts recommend families discuss their severe weather plan in advance, including where they will go for safety. Specifically, you want to make sure to go to an area without windows. The basement of a house is ideal or an interior room without windows in the lowest level of the home. A bathroom or closet are also good options. Experts suggest that families practice going to their safe place to become more comfortable with the process.

Safe Place

  • Without windows
  • Lowest level of the home
  • Interior room

Additionally, families should prepare a severe weather bag for each member of the family. The bags should always be stored in their safe place. This bag should contain essentials such as:

Severe Weather Bag

  • Helmet
  • Flashlight
  • Hard-soled shoes
  • Clothing appropriate for rain and severe weather
  • Name band (filled out by parents)
  • Snacks

It is also recommended to keep a weather radio with an extra set of batteries in the safe place.

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